Strategic Projects and Special Programmes

Strategic Projects and Special programmes To manage and coordinate strategic projects and special project management support services

The Sub-Directorate fulfils a co-ordination and integration role which is explained below: 

  • Strategic Projects co-ordinate state-owned enterprises initiatives and projects to ensure that there is integration with NMBM planning, i.e. waterfront development, relocation of the tank farm and manganese to the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) link to CDC, future expansion of the airport, etc.  A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Entities which include Transnet, Transnet National Ports Authority, Coega Development Corporation, the Mandela Bay Development Agency, PRASA; ACSA, SANRAL, SAIMI and NMU. 

  • Grant funding was secured by this office from National Treasury’s Neighborhood Partnership Development Grant (NDPG) for the planning of Njoli Square.  The Office manages the spending of the grant funding and the relationship with the donor. 

  • The Director: Strategic Projects is the Chairperson of the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT).  The MPT implements the objectives of Spatial Planning Land Use Management Act 2013 (SPLUMA), which is to reduce timeframes for development, ensure social inclusion, spatial equity, desirable settlement patterns, urban regeneration and sustainable development.  The Agenda is published on the Municipal Website. 

  • The Director: Strategic Projects is the Metro’s co-ordinator for Sub-National Doing Business (SNDB).  The purpose of SNDB is to streamline Municipal processes and reduce timeframes in order to make the city attractive for businesses to invest.  It is a World Bank initiative and National Treasury has initiated the participation of the 8 Metros in South Africa. 

  • The Director: Strategic Projects is the Metro’s co-ordinator for Sub-National Doing Business (SNDB).  The purpose of SNDB is to streamline Municipal processes and reduce timeframes in order to make the city attractive for businesses to invest. It is a World Bank initiative and National Treasury has initiated the participation of the 8 Metros in South Africa.



Strategic Projects Sub-Directorate does not interface directly with the public, unless it is project specific matters. 

The projects that are being focus on by Strategic Projects fulfil the objects of

  • significant catalysts for economic growth;
  • stimulating economic development;
  • enabling the City to become nationally and internationally competitive;
  • creating jobs; and
  • alleviating poverty.

A good working relationship with Stakeholders, including communities, private sector, state owned enterprises and government departments is critical to the success of any project and is the point of departure on all work of the Sub-Directorate.


Njoli Square Development

The multi-million-rand redevelopment initiative around the historic Njoli Square will contribute to creating a dignified space within a previously marginalised community. It is aimed specifically at economic upliftment.

The project is comprised of the following: 


  • Reconfiguration of the junction of Njoli and Daku Roads to accommodate traffic flow through a compact four-legged intersection;
  • Accommodation of development components on the four quadrants surrounding the intersection, such as commercial development, medical suites, space for a future library and civil building, and stalls for informal traders and a Modal Transport interchange;
  • Promoting pedestrian accommodation through safe and controlled crossing points;
  • Accommodating future IPTS stations on the approaches to the intersection and
  • Accommodating all minibus-taxi operations in one facility at or close to the existing off-street facility. 


Projects to be implemented in Njoli Square


Public Sector funding required

Priority 1

Roofed Market

R 10,800,000,00

Priority 1

Informal Street Trading Facilities

R 576,000,00

Priority 1

Upgrade 31 Vehicle Holding Area

R 3,000,000,00

Priority 2

Waiting Rooms, Ticket Offices, Ablution Facilities & Shelters: Long Distance Terminal

R 4,200,000,00

Priority 2

Commuter Taxi Terminal  Shelters

R 4,500,000,00

Priority 2

Paving of Commuter Taxi Terminal

R 1,000,000,00

Priority 2

Ablution Facilities for Commuter Terminal

R 3,000,000,00

Priority 3

Livestock Market Pan

R 166,000,00

Priority  3

Events Space Paving to Livestock Market

R 75,000,00

Priority 4

Public Parking for Retail Anchors

R 1,740,000,00


Sub-Total: Public

R 29,057,000,00


Private Sector investment required

Priority 5

Motor City/Commercial/SMME Premises

R 8,480,000,00

Priority 5

Motor City/Commercial/SMME Premises

R 1,680,000,00

Priority 5

Public Parking: Precinct D

R 360,000,00

Priority 5

New Retail Anchor

R 57,060,000,00

Priority 5

Private/Public Offices

R 42,920,000,00

Priority 6

Medical Centre

R 9,990,000,00

Priority 6

Public Parking: Medical centre

R 120,000,00


Sub-Total: Public

R 120,610,000,00

TOTAL funding required for the project

R 149,667,000,00

National Treasury (NDPG Office) has made R26,086,960 available in the 2019/20 financial year.  This money is towards the upgrading of Daku Road to a dual carriageway and the balance towards feasibility studies and business plans for the abovementioned priority projects.

Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park (Ph2)

The purpose-built Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park (NMBLP) in Uitenhage, managed by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC), is geared to locating more first and second tier suppliers in automotive manufacturing.  The vision of the NMBLP is to obtain economies of scale for the automotive manufacturing industry through centralisation of different functions and suppliers to reduce costs by shortening and improving the supply chain to the automotive industry. 

Precinct A of the Park is 57 hectares and features purpose-built infrastructure and shared services including security, ICT and logistics to minimise costs for new investors and existing tenants.  More than 1000 people are employed within Precinct A of the Park.  Developments in Precinct A have grown to the extent that expansion will have to be undertaken into Precinct B.  Investments need to be made in enabling infrastructure for essential services and utilities such as electricity, water, a fire-ring main for emergencies and internal roads for Precinct B.  Specialists in logistics park planning and operations need to be appointed to assist with the planning, preparation of detailed cost estimates and a business case for Precinct B. 

Funding were requested from the City’s budget for the 2019/20 financial year but could not be made available.    Funding has been requested from the City’s budget for the 2020/21 financial year that commences on 1 July 2020 for the appointment of the specialists.

Uitenhage Railway Sheds Development

EDTA Directorate is of the opinion that there is a need for inner city housing and supporting facilities such as retail, education, open space, etc. and that the Uitenhage Railway Sheds site, located on the edge of Uitenhage Central Business District is in an excellent location for such mix use development.  It is close to the industrial area, which is the biggest employers in Uitenhage.  A precinct plan must be prepared to ensure that the site is developed to its maximum potential.

Nelson Mandela Steam Train

NMBM in partnership with Transnet embarked on a process to re-establish and operate the Nelson Mandela Bay Steam Train formerly known as the Apple Express. The implementation of the project has focussed on phase one which was from the harbour to Kings Beach during December 2017 and January 2018.  

Following the success of Phase one, Transnet and NMBM are to agree on the way forward.  The project is currently on hold as there are Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) issues to be resolved between Transnet and RSR. Proposals have been received from the private sector and there are continuous engagements between Transnet and NMBM on how to take the project forward.  


Director: Strategic Projects: Ms Amelia Buchner

Office: 041 503 7529

Cell: 079 490 0748


Secretary: Ms Roxanne George

Office: 041 503 7505

072 856 7395



Offices for Strategic Projects:

Kwantu Towers, 7thfloor

Govan Mbeki Avenue


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