Enterprise Development

Enterprise DevelopmentENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT - to facilitate Enterprise Development Services and support of Small Businesses 



  • Informal Trader Helpdesk : Located at Kwantu Towers offering Trade permits and facilities for Informal Traders;
  • National Construction Incubator: Incubation program, located at Kwantu Towers targeting SMMEs in the Built Environment (Construction Industry)- skills, mentorship, link to markets and finance;
  • SMME Development Program 
    • (The Business Place – NMB: which is a friendly, accessible, walk-in environment where aspiring and existing entrepreneurs can go to access information and support on how to start and grow small businesses). 

    There are 3 locations across the NMBM:

    1. CBD Enterprise Development Center (TBP Regional Head Office)
        Address: First Floor, Kwantu Towers, Vuyisile Mini Square, Govan Mbeki Avenue (next to City Hall), 
        Office No.: 041 450 1940
        Email: reception-pe@tbp.co.za

    2. Veeplaas Enterprise Development Center
        Address: Corner of Koyana and Kani Street, Veeplaas
        Office No.: 041 450 4665
        Email: reception-vp@tbp.co.za

    3. Uitenhage Enterprise Development Center
        Address: Science and Technology Center, Corner of Algoa and Drosdty Roads, Uitenhage
        Office No.: 041 450 5608
        Email: reception-uit@tbp.co.za

    These facilities offer SMMEs a conducive environment in which they can grow and thrive, with facilities to register their businesses, and opportunities to access assistance with regards to compliance services, such as:

      • BBBEE Affidavits,
      • CSD Registration/Update support,
      • Supply Chain - Compliance and Registration support,

    The following services are also offered:

      • Training & Workshops (including Tendering Workshops)
      • Information Sessions;
      • Networking Sessions;
      • Public Internet Stations for business and idea generation, and
      • Funding Facilitation

    Business Support services are also offered by an onsite partner, Emerge, at a fee, such as:

      • Book keeping, Accounting and SARS Compliance and Taxation Services (SDL, PAYE, UIF, VAT, Tax clearance);
      • CIPC Services:
        • Company Registrations & Amendments (incl Director Amendments)
        • Registration of Organisations (NPCs, NGOs & Cooperatives)
        • CIPC Annual Returns
      • UIF, Workman’s Compensation / Letter of good standing applications
      • Share Certificates
      • CIDB Registration Support, Updates and Amendments


    Furthermore, we offer the availability of our Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, or Training Rooms at no cost to our Entrepreneurs, so as to create a conducive environment for them to grow/flourish – bookings are essential (1 week in advance) @ 041 450 1940.

  • i-Hub ICT Incubator: Incubation program located at Kwantu Towers targeting Young Entrepreneurs and SMMEs in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry;
  • Enterprise Development Centers (Facilities): Located in various areas of our Townships hosting local SMMEs and supported by Sector Development through the enterprise development program (e.g. Veeplaas Center, Mandla Street Center, Walmer Business Village)
  • Corporative Development Help-desk: A help-desk dedicated to the City's Cooperatives and offers training, equipment, link to markets and funding opportunities for all Corporatives;
  • Automotive Development Help-desk: A help-desk dedicated to the automotive industry which also includes transport and logistics;
  • Socio-Economic Help-desk: An enterprise development help-desk dedicated to ensuring the set aside policy is implemented for the benefit of SMMEs in the Built Environment / Construction Industry. 




041 503 7500


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