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NMBM zooms into M4 road broken barriers and road signs Published: May 10, 2021 The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is pleased with the work in progress along the M4 Settlers Freeway and Sidon Street, where contractors are working tirelessly to fix fallen road barriers, road signs and road markings.
Tabiso Mfeya to take charge as Human Settlements Executive Director Published: May 04, 2021 Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Acting City Manager Luvuyo Magalela welcomed the appointment of seasoned municipal housing specialist, Mr Tabiso Mfeya, as the municipality’s newly appointed Executive Director of Human Settlements.
NMBM condemns vandalism of infrastructure and facilities Published: May 03, 2021 The Municipality would like to condemn in the strongest possible terms the incidents of vandalism of municipal infrastructure that happened over the past weekend.
NMBM launches aggressive area focused Water Leaks Programme Published: May 03, 2021 The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has intensified its water leaks repair strategy and launched an aggressive area-focused water leaks programme where internal and external teams will zoom into specific areas to fix reported and unreported water lea...
Time to build a picture of future success in the tourism industry Published: April 23, 2021 While tourism businesses are still reeling from the devastating impact of the coronavirus, fertile ground exists to build a picture of future success by a unified force for change in the tourism industry. This sentiment was broadly expressed and agr...
R200 Million borehole water treatment works construction taking shape Published: April 22, 2021 The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is working around the clock to implement measures to circumvent the disastrous prospect that the City may run out of water.
WATER SUPPLY DISRUPTION April 22, 2021 Published: April 21, 2021 Amid declining dam levels, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality continues to maintain, refurbish and improve its water infrastructure to reduce water losses.
NMBM is ready to host 2021 Toyota SASAPD National Championships Published: April 21, 2021 The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, in partnership with South African Sports for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD), will host the 2021 Toyota SASAPD National Championships from 23 to 27 April 2021 at the Westbourne Oval.
Call to Bay and regional schools to accommodate mid-year school applications from relocating TNPA families Published: April 19, 2021 It gives me great pleasure to inform you that this Administration’s efforts at creating a conducive and attractive environment for economic growth are already paying dividends.
Municipality much better positioned to restore good governance with strategic appointments – George Published: April 16, 2021 Hot on the heels of landmark High Court judgements, ordering a former senior municipal official to personally pay back millions, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is now much better placed towards restoring good governance and service delivery exce...


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