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Who must complete the ATTP application form?

The account holder must complete and sign the application, in person. Where the account holder has relocated due to illness, a Power of Attorney may be provided to a family member to apply on behalf of the account holder.

What if the account holder is bedridden?

Applications forms are available online, or at any Customer Care center. Alternatively- House visits are performed by NMBM officials. Contact tel 041-506 1704 for an appointment.

What if the Account holder is unable to sign?

The representative must obtain all the documents and also present a Power of Attorney, granting them authority to sign on the account holder's behalf. This applies when the account holder is physically or mentally unable to act on behalf of themselves e.g. account holder suffers from mental illness. Furthermore, this will also apply when the account holder has relocated due to illness, provided a Power of Attorney is obtained.

What if the account holder has absconded?

A family member residing on the relevant property can apply on behalf of the account holder. Relevant family member must provide a valid SAPS case number to prove that the abscondment has been reported.

What is the maximum income for the household to qualify?

Total income of the Owner/s added together may not exceed the value of two (2) State Pensions. From October 2023 this amount is: R2090 x 2 = R4180. Note that this value increases on 1 April of each year and therefore the max ceiling for ATTP qualification increases on 1 April of each year to stay in line with the State Pension increases approved by Government (Policy clause: 1.1.1)

Income exclusions (Not counted towards income):

Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Grant in Aid, Court ordered Child maintenance, Disability Grant, Ward Committee stipend

How long are the ATTP benefits valid?

Benefits (monthly subsidy) are valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of approval on the relevant account, not the date of ATTP application form. All account-holders must re-apply before the three (3) years are up. A reminder, in the form of a letter, will be posted to the relevant household two (2) months before the expiration date. (Policy clause: 2.1.31)

Who must complete the ATTP application form when the account holder is deceased?

The Executor of the Estate, as stated on the Master of the High Court’s Letter of Authority must complete the ATTP application form. If the Executor is a Bank or Attorney, a letter from the Bank or Attorney providing authority to a household occupant is required to complete the application form. (Policy clause: 2.1.5)

Tenants can apply for a free 75 kWh electricity token. What is a tenant?

A tenant is an individual that pays rent to the property owner or resides on the property to look after the property.

Explain the compulsory three (3) year re-application process?

The ATTP Policy stipulates that an account-holder must re-apply for the ATTP subsidy every three (3) years.

A letter will be posted two (2) months before the expiry date to inform the relevant account-holder of the requirement to re-apply. An e-mail will also be sent to the relevant Ward Councillor advising of the same requirement and providing the affected properties in the ward. A sms message will be sent to the relevant account holder where a cell phone number is on record.

Can the free token be issued whilst the account holder waits for re-application approval?

The free token will be issued as long as the account holder reapplies before the expiry date. Once the ATTP is canceled due to no reapplication done before the expiry date, the free token will be stopped. Token will only be reinstated after the re-application is received and approved, not whilst waiting for verification.

Visit your nearest municipal Customer Care Centre in person or person with delegated authority.

Click here for a list of municipal enquiry offices

You can telephone the Customer Care Helpline at 0800 20 50 50 (Option 1). If you speak to someone in person or over the telephone, make sure that you record that person's name if he/she is unable to resolve your enquiry immediately: this will be of assistance should you need to follow up your enquiry. 

Alternatively email query to

For copy of statement only email:

Email your complaint to

Alternatively, you can phone tel 041-506 5533 to lodge your dissatisfaction.

Should the counter staff member not resolve your query immediately, a formal query will be lodged on the Query Management System and a SMS will be sent to the cellphone number on record, providing confirmation that the query has been lodged. 

A monthly SMS will be sent to the same cellphone number mentioned above, to provide progress of the resolution. 

Water Complaints - contact 0800 20 5050 and the operator will give you a reference number with regard to your complaint and direct you to the correct person, who will furnish you with a unique reference number. 

Electricity complaints – contact tel. 041 506 5595


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