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Transporter Company Contact Number
Prellex 632 Pty Ltd (041) 811-0289
Compass Medical Waste Services (Pty) Ltd (031) 267-9700
TB HIV CARE (041) 582-1190
Rentokil Initial (Pty) Ltd (041) 581-4144
Cannon Hygiene S.A. (Pty) Limited (041) 363-5521
Arvitrix (Pty) Ltd t/a Uloyiso Medical Waste (060) 476-7729
Bontiware (Pty) Ltd t/a Unbuntu Hygiene (041) 451-0226
Compass Medical Waste Services (Pty) Limited (031) 267-9700
Red Alert TSS (Pty)Ltd (041) 581-7000



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