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Environmental Legal Register for the NMBM.pdf
This Environmental Legal Register summarises the main environmental legislation as it applies to the activities, products, and services of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM). This register includes a summary of the main environmental Bills and some proposed Regulations published before 30 June 2013. It is updated on an annual basis.
Legislation 505 KB 11 Jul 2013 23 Aug 2019
ICM Act of SA.pdf
A User friendly guide to the ICM Act of South Africa
Legislation 1.98 MB 04 Apr 2012 23 Aug 2019
Section 49 - Public Notice of the General Valuation Roll 2017 in respect of the Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004
Legislation 115 KB 22 Mar 2013 22 Aug 2019
Municipal Systems Act:To provide for the core principles, mechanisms and processes that are necessary to enable municipalities to move progressively towards the social and economic upliftment of local communities, and ensure universal access to essential services that are affordable to all; to define the legal nature of a municipality as including the local community within the municipal area, working in partnership with the municipality’s political and administrative structures;
Legislation 282 KB 05 Dec 2007 22 Aug 2019
Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act no6 of 2004.pdf
The function of this Act is as follows: * to regulate the power of a municipality to impose rates on a property; * to exclude certain properties from rating in the nation interest; * to make provision for municipalities to implement transparent and fair systems; * to make provision for fait and equitable valuation methods of properties; * to make provisionfor an obejections and appeals process; * to amend the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act of 2000, so as to make further provision for the serving of documents by municipalities; * to amend or repeal certain legisation; * to provide for matters connected therewith.
Legislation 2.71 MB 13 Jan 2009 22 Aug 2019
Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Act.pdf
Municipal Systems Amendment Act No. 44 of 2003
Legislation 1.1 MB 07 Sep 2018 07 Sep 2018
Local Government: Municipal Systems Act.pdf
Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000
Legislation 359 KB 07 Sep 2018 07 Sep 2018
Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act.pdf
Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) No. 56 of 2003
Legislation 759 KB 07 Sep 2018 07 Sep 2018


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