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Notice Board:

Due to technical problems SAPO cannot accept NMBM payments until further notice. Please use alternative payment methods. If you paid your municipal account as SAPO on 04/04/19 please fax proof of payment to fax: 041 5061304 or for more information, please contact the call centre at: 041-5065555. 



In terms of Section 4 of the Water Services Act 108 (No 108 of 1997) and Clause 31 of the Water and Sanitation Services By-Law, the following prohibitions on the use of water apply:

1.  Restrict household consumption to 15 kl per metered connection per month.

a.    Or that each person be restricted to 50 litres per day

2.    Blanket restriction on high water consumers using discs or flow restrictors

3.   No use of hosepipes allowed (to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.), unless:

a.    The water is from a source other than municipal (i.e. rainwater tank).

b.    The water is used for firefighting purposes.

4.  The municipal water supply may NOT be used to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.

5.    No use of sprinklers or irrigation systems allowed, unless the water is from a source other than municipal.

6.    All building contractors to use treated effluent, collected from the Fishwater Flats Works (or any other appropriate wastewater treatment works), other than for concrete work.

7.    All domestic customers will have a flow meter restrictor installed.

8.    All borehole users must register with the Municipality and comply with the conditions attached to such registration, particularly the prohibition on the sale or transfer of own borehole water for use on other properties.

9.    Non-municipal water must be used for swimming pools.

10.  No use of automatic urinal flushing systems allowed.

11.  All car washes will be required to recycle at least 60% of their water.

12.  No municipal showers around recreational facilities will operate.

13.  Municipal swimming pools must be filled with suitable ground water.

14.  Residential, institutional and government users are subject to Part B of the Schedule of Tariffs.

15.  Commercial and Industrial users are subject to Part B of the Schedule of Tariffs.

16.  All requirements of the Water and Sanitation By-Law will be enforced, as will the conditions of this Restriction Notice. 

The prohibitions contained in this notice will not apply in any case specifically exempted, in writing, by the NMBM Executive Director: Infrastructure and Engineering. 

Notice-boards must be prominently displayed where water from sources other than the Municipality‚Äôs water supply system is used for irrigation. Land owners must notify the Municipality‚Äôs Infrastructure and Engineering Directorate in writing of the existence of boreholes on their property, including the intention to sink new bore holes. 


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