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Important notice to service providers: NMBM supplier database registration



In terms of the MFMA and Supply Chain Management Policy (Section 14), Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) must keep a list of "accredited prospective service providers” of goods and services that must be used for procurement requirements through written quotations and formal written price quotations.

 To ensure compliance with the above, suppliers are required to register on National Treasury's Central Supplier Database (CSD) and the NMBM Supplier database. 

Application Forms can be obtained from the Supply Chain Management Compliance Office, Harrower Road Depot, corner of Buxton Avenue and Harrower Road; and

at the Uitenhage Town Hall-Customer Care (Ground Floor), Market Street. 

Alternatively, forms can be downloaded from the NMBM website:

with the list of instructions

Please note that when uploading renewed documents to CSD those documents must be submitted to NMBM to be verified in order to keep the registration with NMBM current and valid, to avoid being suspended automatically by the system, which could affect a Supplier's compliance when tendering, or with payments.

It is vital that Suppliers keep their compliance documents up to date. Questions can be addressed to:

Database administrator

contact details Tel: 041-5063266 or 041-5062114


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