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Shutdown 2: Friday, 25 October 2019 (alternatively 26 October 2019)
Where: Lorraine substation. - Time: 06H00 - 18H00 

All areas fed from Lorraine substation will be affected: Brymore, Glenroy park, Goldwater, Greenshields Park, Hancorn, Heatherbank, Kragga Kamma Park,Kamma Park, Lorraine, Lorraine Manor, Lovemore Heights, Lovemore Park, Miramar, Overbaakens, Pinelands, Pine Grove, Southmeed, Salisbur, Springfield, Theesecome, Vikingvale, Willoglen
Weybridge park, Woodlands, Walmer heights, Walmerdowns

All supplies to be treated as live for the duration of the outage.

MONC against Mayor Trollip fails as opposition walks out of Council

A bid to oust the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Cllr Athol Trollip, failed as opposition parties walked out of the Council chamber today and effectively collapsed the meeting.

Today's unsubstantiated Motion of No Confidence, the fourth of its kind, against Executive Mayor Trollip failed as voting could not take place. Mandela Bay residents have much to celebrate as this allows service delivery, job creation and the rooting of corruption in the Metro to continue unhindered.

Since the coalition government took over in 2016, the successes under leadership of Executive Mayor Trollip speak for themselves.

Throughout the Bay, primarily in communities neglected by the former administartion, capital projects are in full swing and this serves as evidence of our commitment in prioritising development in communities oppressed by corruption and unemployment.

The frivolous motion was nothing but an attempt by a cabal of opposition parties to distabilise the Municipality by handing it back to the ANC. We view today's stance by opposition parties as nothing but an orchestrated move to frustrate Council processes and undermine service delivery to communities across the Metro.

However, we are not bothered by this as we continue to roll out services to Metro communities despite the continued sabotage.

This is the same ANC which had previously been dismissed by all opposition parties in the Council as a corrupt political party which was entirely to blame for the City's collapse. The ANC's conduct today has shown its absolute lack of moral compass and its desperation to steal the City again.

Moreover, it has undermined the political mandate of Metro residents who elected the coalition to bring real change in the City.

Mayor Athol Trollip and his team have worked around the clock to rebuild what was broken under years of ANC mismanagement. The Mayor has brought real change in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Through clean governance, hardwork and dedication, the City is fast gaining a reputation marked by good governance that puts the people first. Our credit rating has improved and the City is rated second most trusted in the country.

In the past two years, we have rooted out corruption totalling R615 million, a legacy left by the failed ANC government. We continue to position this Metro as a preferred sports tourism destination as well as economic destination of choice. Monies recouped are being invested back into service delivery projects.

Over the last 24 months this coalition government has eradicated 9046 bucket toilets, resurfaced 55 820 square meters of road and managed to triple the number of annual jobs by the EPWP (Expandedd Public Works Program).

Preparations are well in advance for the upcoming 70.3 Ironman World Championship which will bring over 4000 top-class athletes from all over the world into the Metro. This is evidence of the potential this City has and this needs to be exploited for the social and economic benefit of the Metro.

We remain steadfast as this coalition government in re-engineering Nelson Mandela Bay and turning it into a world-class Metro, which works for all residents.

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Sibongile Dimbaza

Mayoral Spokesperson


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