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We are experiencing technical problems with some of our internal servers which affect corresponding e-services. The problem is being addressed and services will be restored ASAP. Unfortunately, no time frames are available at this stage. Apologies are extended to all users for the inconvenience caused.

Cut down on non-essential electricity use to minimize load-shedding impact

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality received a notification from Eskom to implement load-shedding until 22:00 tonight.

However, since it is up to the municipality to decide how to spread the requested load-shedding, we took a decision to shed only our geysers to minimize the impact of load-shedding on our consumers.

To avoid switching off suburbs, please assist us by switching off your non-essential appliances such as stoves, geysers or perhaps pool pumps.


Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (041 506 1500 / 082 780 2726 / / @kupidobaron).

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