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Essential work at Kudu substation to affect electricity supply to Despatch

Electricity supply to a large part of Despatch will be disconnected from 07:00 to 19:00 this Sunday (20 May) to enable the execution of essential work at the Kudu electricity substation.

The upgrade will enable the municipality to improve its monitoring and communications capability at the facility.

While the Greater Despatch area will be affected by the interruption, Daleview, Reservoir Hills, Khayamnandi, the Industrial area, as well as sections of Campher Park, Bothasrus, Heuwelkruin and a small section on the border of Sentraal suburb will not be affected as they are fed from the San Souci substation.

As there is no guarantee that supply will be off throughout the whole period stated, installations in all premises must be regarded as being live during these hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipalityby Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (082 780 2726 / 041 506 1500 / /@kupidobaron).

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