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Notice Board:

Electricity Shutdown 16 December from 08H00 - 12H00: Please note that repairs and maintenance will be carried out on the Aloes substation transformer equipment. Areas affected: Wells Estate, Markman Township, Bluewaters Bay, Amsterdamhoek, parts of Coega, Coega village, St Georges Strand and Dumbrody farms. All installations to be treated as live for the duration of the outage. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Metro exploring various water sources to meet growing demand

Statement by
Athol Trollip
Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is working against the clock to find additional sources of water to supplement our current deteriorating supply due to the persistent drought.

Our reservoirs are at an all time low and the situation is becoming worse due to the persistent below average rainfall that has not been able to break the current drought.

Today the City officially introduced the Motherwell Groundwater Point which is located in the Motherwell cemetery where businesses and residents are encouraged to make use of this resource in order to save our purified/treated potable water supplies.
Groundwater exploration is part of the administration's long term plan to access every possible water source that could provide a reasonable yield and see the maximisation of groundwater usage in the long term.
The current yield for the Motherwell Groundwater Point is 20 million litres of water per day and this is a major source of water that can assist in ensuring that less of our scarce drinkable (potable) water is sparred.

However, the water at the site is not fit for drinking and as such, people are advised to use if for car washes, filling up of swimming pools, construction, gardening and other water usages.
The City is also looking at other possible potential groundwater exploration inside the Municipal boundaries to find additional water sources.

We have also discovered a favourable area for drilling, extraction and treatment of the Coega Aquifer which will have a yield of 26 mega liters of water per day. The Metro has submitted a licence application to the Department of Water and Sanitation and is awaiting approval before we can break ground.

Other sites in Uitenhage and Groendam for the drilling of boreholes have been identified and water will be tested for its quality and be pumped into our reservoirs if it is found to be fit for human consumption.

In order to mitigate the ongoing tampering and sabotage of Municipal services, I will write a proposal for the City to look into paying a reward to anyone who helps with information that can lead to a conviction of anyone who is found guilty of perpetrating these acts of sabotage that result in great inconvenience to residents of our city.

It is against the law for anyone to tamper with Municipal services and infrastructure as this compromises people’s rights.
I appeal to every councillor, staff member and resident to recommit ourselves to delivering better services to our people and make sure that our City works. 

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