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Water restrictions notice


September 1, 2017
Pre-paid electricity was mistakenly sold at a lower and incorrect tariff plan, due to a technical error which occurred between twelve midnight on 01 July and 14H30 02 July 2017. Customers who made electricity purchases within this period would have been affected.
 The municipality values and appreciates rate payers. It is their hard earned money and their commitment to pay that keeps the City running and moving forward.  The municipality would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused during this recovery plan.
Purchase patterns have revealed that the affected customers purchase their bulk monthly electricity in the beginning of each month, which makes these dates the best time to recover the loss to Council.
On August 31, 2017, the Municipality sent out personalised sms messages to customers who have to repay less than R100.00 in order to inform them of the recovery deduction due in September 2017:
"NMBM - Due to a technical error electricity was sold to you on 01/02 July 2017 at a lower tariff for meter no …………….. The total amount to be recovered is R …….. This amount will be recovered in Sept 2017. Tel 087 742 0459 for more info. Apologies for the inconvenience.
A similar message was sent out to customers with more than R100 repayment, which further indicated that the owed amount will be apportioned and deducted in, September and October, 2017. This is a means to minimise the impact of the inconvenience caused to these customers.
Residents can also look out for further communication regarding the recovery plan on their next electricity purchase on their electricity tokens.
Below is a comparison of the correct and incorrect tariff plan applied on the aforementioned dates.

0 – 75 kWh at R0.9641 per kWh
76 – 350 kWh at R1.0585 per kWh
351 – 600 kWh at R1.7585 per kWh
601 – 950 kWh at R1.9833 per kWh
951 + kWh at R1.9833 per kWh
0 – 350 kWh at R1.4854 per kWh
351 – 600 kWh at R1.7927 per kWh
601 – 950 kWh at R1.9833 per kWh
951 + kWh at R2.0598 per kWh
Customers are kindly requested to contact the WireIT 24/7 Call centre on 087 742 0459 for clarity and explanation, if required.

Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office.

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