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Residents may be aware of the collapse of the canal conveying water to the Scheepers Vlakte Dam.  This incident will have a dramatic effect on water supply to our eastern and northern areas over the next two weeks, until repairs are effected. Although the eastern and northern areas(Despatch, Uitenhage, Motherwell, Ikamvelihle, Coega Development Corporation, Wells Estate, Bluewater Bay, Bloemendal, Bethelsdorp, Chatty and Colchester) will be most affected, it is imperative that ALL residents in ALL areas of the Metro immediately cut their water usage to the barest minimum, stopping the non-essential use of water, such as washing cars.

The collapsed canal forms part of the water transfer system from the Gariep Dam.  that is owned and operated by DWS. Various farmers and municipalities - including the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality  - receive water from this system.

As a result of this incident, 30% (±90 Ml) of the water supply to the NMBM is at risk, as water is drawn from this Dam, treated at the Nooitgedagt Water Treatment Works, and then pumped to our City for consumption by residents.

Scheepers Vlakte Dam is a balancing dam and does not store water for long periods as normal catchment dams do. Water storage at this particular dam is for 7 days only. As a result of this collapse of the canal and also the fact that no filling has taken place, only approximately 4 days of water storage is left.

On 18 May 2017 the NMBM visited the site to ascertain the extent of the damage and to determine the impact this collapsed canal will have on the water supply to the NMBM. The damage is significant, and with only four days storage left in the Scheepers Vlakte Dam, it is envisaged that as from Monday (22 May 2017) the water supply to the eastern and northern parts of the NMBM will be affected.

The estimated time for the repairs is at least one week, to be confirmed only once repairs commenced and the true impact of the ground conditions is understood.

From the above, it is evident that water supply to the NMBM will be in dramatically affected for at least the next two weeks:

  • Firstly, the eastern and northern parts of the NMBM, as listed above, will be without water for at least four days.

  • Secondly, it will take at least a week for the supply system to fill up again.

In order to mitigate the problem, the interconnecting pipelines will be opened to transfer water from west to east to bring some relief, but this will not be enough to prevent interruptions. Water tankers will be placed in strategic locations during this period.

Residents are welcome to view the NMBM website and facebook to view photos/video clips of the damage.

Let us work together to overcome this major challenge and cut our water usage to the barest minimum WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

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