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Plans to unroll safe and reliable Integrated Public Transport System in Nelson Mandela Bay is gaining momentum. Today, May 15, 2017 the municipality took 35 former taxi drivers for learners licence for 10 and 14 learners licence, where 31 drivers passed the test.
The testing programme is done to equip the drivers to be able to work on the fleet that will be used in the IPTS system. The testing will see a total of 144 drivers trained by June this year. Following the learners tests, the drivers will then be taken through a drivers test. Those who have qualified will then be taken for an advanced training by Volvo, which is a company that manufactured the buses that will be used. The process is in preparation of the implementation of the IPTS pilot phase that is expected to start in October this year.
Congratulating those who passed, Roads and Transport Mayoral Committee Member, Councillor Rano Kayser said the commitment that the drivers have shown so far indicates the future of the IPTS. "These drivers had drivers licences that they were using to drive taxis, but because the IPTS is a system that seeks to improve the quality of public transport, we have to retest them and make sure that they meet the grade. Hard work is happening behind the scenes, training is progressing well, consultations with stakeholders is also progressing well and infrastructure readiness efforts have not stopped," said Councillor Kayser.  
Councillor Kayser said as part of the training and preparation of drivers and driver assistants, areas of customer care, communication and interpersonal skills will also be areas of focus.
Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office. 

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