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Under no circumstances will the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality allow robberies and other serious crimes to occur at dumping sites in the Metro, avowed the Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mongameli Bobani, during a site visit to the  Arlington Dump site in Walmer on 9 May 2017.
The visit emanated from the accidental death of Mr Amos Dywili, who was trampled by a heavy duty truck, and the stabbing of Mr Horan Omni over the past weekend. Arlington is the busiest Dump Site in the Nelson Mandela Bay area, with an estimated 500 trucks visiting it on a daily basis. At the site, informal workers collect recyclable material for a service provider service provider that is currently employed by the Municipality to conduct business at the site. The aforementioned two incidents followed two robberies outside the premises of the dumping site in which the drivers were robbed of their belongings while delivering refuse.
These incidents have prompted the NMB Directorate of Public Health to request strict measures by calling on the Metro Police and SAPS to regularly patrol the dumping site to ensure that incidents of such a nature do not occur, as they had an impact on the city's progress in the "War against Waste” campaign.
"I have already engaged my counterpart who is Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Councillor John Best about safety issues in this site and others across the City. I am please to tell you that he has already made a commitment to beef-up security and also engage the South African Police Services to assist," said Deputy Executive Mayor.  
Cllr Bobani emphasised that transgressors of the Metro's by-laws would receive tough fines and that it was crucial that the city remained clean and looking beautiful at all times. He also stated that the massive campaign being rolled out by the Municipality against the illegal dumping of waste would  be visible in all corners of the city and that for the city to be able to attract investment, cleanliness should be the order of the day.

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