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"We are at war against illegal dumping. We want our city to look beautiful and healthy for our children and attract investment that will benefit the people of Nelson Mandela Bay” - thus spoke Nelson Mandela Bay's Deputy Executive Mayor, Cllr Mongameli Bobani, when addressing school children at Kleinskool Primary School today, May 8, 2017.
Deputy Mayor Bobani was speaking at the launch of a private-public partnership cleaning and recycling programme between the Municipality and Marina Sea Salt, a Nelson Mandela Bay based multi-national company.
The partnership, called "Shine your Light”, is part of the NMBM's massive War on Waste Programme that was launched by the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Cllr Athor Trollip, in Njoli Road, KwaZakhele last month.
The ''Shine your Light'' awareness campaign aims to educate young school children on the importance of keeping their communities clean and the need for and importance of recycling waste.
Children are the future of Nelson Mandela Bay. They are ideally placed to carry messages about a clean environment and recycling back to their homes. It is for this reason that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and Marina Sea Salt decided to hold the launch of the campaign at a local primary school, Kleinskool (Ward 33), a known hotspot area for illegal dumping.
Ten schools across the Metro will participate in the campaign. The ten schools will compete against each other in collecting the largest number of empty Marina Salt containers and depositing them in special Marina Salt bins provided to all the participating schools. The participating schools will receive R2 for every container collected, while the child collecting the highest number of empty containers in each school will be awarded a bicycle valued at R1000. The school that collects the most Marina Lighthouse Flasks will receive R5000. Joint illegal dumping awareness programmes will be rolled out in all the participating schools and the surrounding communities. The awareness initiatives will include clean-up programme by litter pickers who have been employed in terms of the NMBM War on Waste Campaign.
"If the environment wins, everybody wins. Go and tell your parents about the message you have heard here today and tell them to stop illegal dumping and keep their streets and yards clean,” said Deputy Executive Mayor Bobani.

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