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IDP Public Participation starts at a high note.

Integrated Development Plan 2017/18 Public Participation meetings held yesterday, April 10-25, 2017 started on a high note with residents showing a clear indication of what they expect from their municipality.
The meetings were held in Nangoza Jebe Hall, Colchester Community Hall and Despatch Town Hall.

Issues of housing delivery, road infrastructure maintenance, maintenance of sporting facilities and maintenance of street lights were some of the issues that were raised sharply.

Residents came all out to actively engage the municipality about their ward based plans.

Of great importance and encouraging to the municipality, some residents offered their advice to the municipality on the development planning and processes of their wards.
Seen in the picture is Ward 14, Resident Ludwe Mboyi who was vocal on how the municipality plans its budget and called on the municipality to include the residents more on budget and planning. Mboyi was speaking at a meeting held in Nangoza Jebe Hall, chaired by the Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Cllr Mongameli Bobani.
"As residents we need the municipality to be more inclusive. We need to be involved from the start of the budgeting process. It will then be easier for us to understand and contribute more constructively on implementation. We will also understand areas that are a priority for the metro as whole as compared to issues of priority in our own wards," said Mboyi.

Today's meetings are as follows:
Lilian Ngoyi Sport Centre for Ward 19, 20, 21, 24
Babs Madlakane Community Hall for Ward 45,46 and 47
Gelvandale Community Hall for Ward 7, 10 and 11
Kuyga Community Hall for Ward 40
All the meetings start at 18h00
Issued by the Nelson Mandela Bay Communication Office - Mthubanzi Mniki

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