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The Municipality is currently experiencing very low levels in the bulk storage reservoirs on the eastern and western side of the Metro.

The Loerie Dam is currently at 19%, which only allows the Loerie Water Treatment Works to produce a fraction of what the current demand is. The raw water input from the Scheepersvlakte Dam is also not enough for the Nooitgedagt WTW to cope with its supply zone. The warm conditions and influx of holiday makers are putting even more strain on an already fragile system. As a result of these factors, in conjunction with high water usage from NMBM customers, not enough water can be treated and conveyed to meet the current demands.

As a result the NMBM is currently running out of water at a number of its reservoirs.

The areas of the Metro that will be affected first:

Ø  Rowallan Park

Ø  Kabega

Ø  Westering

Ø  Linton Grange

Ø  Lorraine

Ø  Baywest Area

Ø  Kwanobuhle

Ø  Reservoir Hills

Ø  Khayamnandi

Ø  Parts of Motherwell

Residents/Businesses in these areas could already be experiencing low water pressure and discoloured water as a result of the critically low levels in the supplying reservoirs. In order for this situation to be turned around, water consumption must drastically be cut by as much as 75% to allow the reservoirs to refill.

Water should therefore be used for essential purposes ONLY.

The Municipality requests residents and staff to assist in drastically cutting water consumption in order to avoid a water shortage disaster. If this situation does not improve, it will result in further areas being affected, more water disruptions and lower water pressure in other areas.

Water restrictions will remain in play, as the overall consumption has still not dropped below the 15% target as stipulated in the Government Gazette.


Please do not fill any tanks - this will just increase the demand.

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