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South African Library Week 2017 - NMBM Libraries




South African Library Week, which is celebrated annually under the guidance of LIASA, the Library and Information Association of South Africa, will take place from 20-24 March this year. Library Week celebrates the founding principles of libraries, that they be the repositories of knowledge for future generations while at the same time making that knowledge accessible to all who need it.


The week highlights the role that libraries play in a democratic society, advancing literacy and making the basic human right of freedom of access to information a reality. During this period LIASA aims to make all South Africans aware that libraries contribute to nation - building and improving the quality of life of all who use them.

Stakeholders throughout South Africa will promote library and information services with the theme: "My Library, Your Library". 

This theme was chosen by LIASA with the Government focus on encouraging South African to develop a sense of ownership, pride, and affiliation of community libraries.  Community libraries have been targeted as a platform to drive youth employment. While libraries cannot create jobs, they do however contribute to this initiative by developing the nation by, for example, devising programs that focus on skills development, providing access to information that allows the user to develop him/herself and granting access to computers and online tools, enabling users to develop their computer skills as well as providing tools that allow them to draw up CVs. 

In the NMBM, Library Week will be celebrated at all 24 public libraries with special events for library users such as Book launches at Khayamandi Community Hall in Despatch on 22 March 2017. Other notable programmes for the week include Library Awareness Campaign Programmes taking place at the Kwadwesi Library on 22 March and on 23 March at Newton Park Library; with Minilib programme facilitated by South African Library for the Blind which will be held at New Brighton Library on the 22 March 2017. The full programme for the Week is available at all libraries and on the NMBM website.


The Library Week Programme will encompass reading and writing activities which promote the utilisation of community libraries.  The NMBM Library Service through its commitment to empowering its community will conduct a series of events leading up to September, when the principal event will take place during National Book Week.  The NBW programme will place emphasis on South African Literature and authors through programmes such as workshops and book discussion sessions in libraries, as well as a metro wide promotion of the reading of South African books.  The annual Library Reading Challenge for children will also be incorporated into these events.


The staff and management of the metro libraries invite you to join them in this celebration of our country’s intellectual and literary heritage; ‘My Library, Your Library”.



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