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  Town Planning


Did you know?

Town Planners make better and more sustainable places for everyone to live, work and enjoy. Planners balance social, economic and environmental needs to shape the way that towns and cities grow and to create great communities for everyone.

What do Town Planners do?

Depending on the job role, it may include:

        designing new towns or villages

        improving communities and the environment

        writing and explaining regulations and rules

        protecting buildings that are of historical and architectural importance

        ensuring that suitable land becomes available for development and supporting business and jobs

Did you know?

Zoning is the way governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put.  Zoning laws/Schemes typically specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place.

What is a subdivision?

The subdivision of land is a process where one property is divided into two or more portions.  Schemes and policies usually specify the minimum erf size for an area when undertaking a subdivision.

Did you know?

You may change the zoning of your property to another zone through a processed called ‘rezoning’. Let’s say your property is zoned Residential 1 in terms of the zoning scheme and you now intend to operate a business on the same property, a rezoning to a business zone would enable you to do this.

What is a Local Spatial Development Framework?

A LSDF is a plan that provides the long term vision of how a specific geographical area in the Municipality should be developed. Some municipalities refer to this plan as a Local Area Plan

I want to build a house- where do I start?

You need to first acquire a site and check whether the zone of the property permits the development of a house. The Residential 1 zone is the most appropriate zone for a dwelling house

What is a pre- consultation?

A pre- consultation is the process in which advice can be sought from the Council before submitting a formal application for your intended development

Did you know?

That the Land Use Scheme of the Municipality contains a zoning table which indicates uses that are freely permissible and uses that can be obtained via Councils Special Consent

How can I find out what my property is zoned for?

You may contact the Land Planning branch of the Municipality on 041 506 2241 or visit the municipal website on

What is a freely permissible use?

A freely permissible use does not require submission of an application to the Municipality for land use rights. However, Council requires the submission of a Site Development Plan indicating how the use rights are to be implemented on site

How much does it cost to submit a Site Development Plan?

Nothing at all- this service is offered by Council for free

Did you know?

That some title deeds contain restrictive conditions which may limit future development of a property. An application can be submitted to the Municipality to have these removed

Did you know?

That the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (No. 16 of 2013) serves as a framework that regulates all matters pertaining to spatial planning, land use management and land development in South Africa

Where can I obtain application forms for permission to carry out development?

The forms may be obtained at the Properties and Administration branch of the Municipality on the 2nd floor at the Lilian Diedericks Building (former Brister House)