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Residents are advised of a proposed electricity shutdown on SUNDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2018, between the hours of 08h00 and 16h00, in various areas of Nelson Mandela Bay, caused by the temporary shutdown of the College Drive Substation, to allow repairs and maintenance to be carried out on a local transformer.  

Areas affected: Mill Park, St. Georges Park (only end of College Drive Road), Glendinningvale, Greenacres, Scotstown.

Streets affected: Ascot Road, Barris Walk Street, Bradshaw Street, Churchill Road, College Drive, Conyngham Road, Cape Road, Dene Road, Fairford Road, Highbeech Road, Lenox Street, McLean Road, Mill Park Road, Mortimer Road, Nightingale Street, Ramsay Lane, Salisbury Avenue, Wares Road, Way Avenue, Wembley Road, Westview Drive, Woodville Road, Young Road. 

All installations must be treated as live for the duration of the outage. - Apologies are tendered for any inconvenience caused.

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Nelson Mandela Bay Library

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Teachers and educators are encouraged to let the library know which topics are being set as assignments and projects.  The staff will then locate suitable books, and place them on a theme table, as well as restricting the loan of such books.  This prevents the first learner coming into the library from borrowing all the books on the topic, leaving none for the rest of the class.

Staff will not do the actual assignment for the learner, but will provide assistance with locating relevant information, and guidance on how to use certain reference sources such as dictionaries, atlases and encyclopedias.  If time permits, staff will also retrieve information from reputable sites on the internet and from the pamphlet files in the library.

Schools are welcome to contact the libraries to arrange orientation visits for their classes.  During such visits the learners are introduced to the library and all its resources, and are shown how to retrieve information from reference sources.


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