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Bridging Cash while waitng for Pension

Bridging Loans against Pension, Provident, Package, lumpsum payout due to: Resigned, Dismissed, Retrenched, Death Claims, Divorce Claims, Disability Claims, Policy payouts, Investment maturing. Documents Required: Copy of ID, Last Payslip, Two months bank statement, Benefit statement from Fund Please contact OZA at 041 363 0245 during office hours or 078 1078 354.

Communication Skills Offered

Well I am offering my impeccable communication skills that I have learnt while completing my Diploma and Btech in Public Relations. Not forgeting that I have an Events Management Diploma, Introduction to Computers and School Administration certificates, almost 1 years experience and very good and legit references.

Water Tanks, Pumps & Filters

Installation of water tanks with a pump and filter system and connect to your home water supply. Save you money on the water bill and assure a permanent supply of clean water. Free quotes and advice in PE and surrounds. Prices are very reasonable with low installation fee. Rain water is free. Catch it and use it. It also healthy to drink.

Quick and Fast Laundry

Are you looking for a reliable laundromat? Well look no further! We are the best priced option in the Bay area. We pick up and deliver for a low cost fee and promise to save you time and effort. Our wash, dry and fold is a low R11 per kilogram. Turn around time is 2 options the same day or the next day to collect or deliver laundry.

Affordable Bookkeeping in PE

Alurase Financial Services is a bookkeeping company offering the following services at reasonable prices: New company registration, Preparation of Annual Financial Statements, Tax Clearance Certificate, Preparation and submission of VAT201, EMP201 and IRP5s. Submission of Income Tax and Provisional tax returns. B-BBEE certificates for EMEs.

CALM - Online Store

CALM is a range of individualized gifts designed to make each occasion unforgettable. No patterns or designs are repeated, sorry. Originality is essential. Visit our online store or send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you!

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